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Re: Randy Newman on Led Zeppelin...& my musings

I agree.I first heard Led Zeppelin when I was 11 and I've been enraptured. 
enchanted, entranced and in love ever since,may this feeling never cease. Thank 
You so much Jimmy, Robert, John Paul, and John - you have been with me every 
step of the way- through good times and bad times...Awesome!


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Boy have I come to the right place ;-)

Eddie wrote (and beautifully I might add!):
-What else can I say?   Other than I just love the music so much.  I don't 
understand why it means  so much to me but it just does and I guess that is 
enough isn't it?  

I was at a mini High School reunion last week and a friend (with whom I had  
listened to LZ I on my Radio Shack turntable MANY years ago) asked me why I  
still loved Led Zeppelin so much.

Without thinking the truth came to my lips:  It's like falling in  love.  No 
reason required...

Sure I can analyze the songs, read books, find more nuances - but it all  
boils down to a feeling...

You know...it's that feeling you get....when a Zep song comes on  out in 
public somewhere?  It's like someone you love just walked  into view and lit up 
your world...And the other Zep lovers around  you start singing along.

Thanks for sharing,