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only 8 minutes ??

according to the  following they only got an 8 minutes segment....

Still, I  found myself very excited this am watching the closing ceremony 
adverts..with "Led Zeppelin Legend" JP!!!!

That's Dr. LEGEND buddy!!!!!!

And no,  I knew nothing of the PF connection when I first posted news  of JP in 
'set the controls' ... pure coincidence ....or I'm turning into Kreskin with 
esp .... ha! If that was te case I'D have been up the GSP in Atlantic city 
getting rich. Instead I'm just rich in the spirit of Zeppelin.

Just hours till we hear what surprises DR. LEGEND has is store for the world.


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 Jimmy Page in Beijing Olympic handover to 2012 

Footballer David Beckham, British singer Leona Lewis and guitarist Jimmy Page 
will appear in an eight-minute segment in the Olympic handover to London 2012 
at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Games...

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