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Re: Years Gone - Years to Come

You mean the one I made? Wow! Ten Years Gone!

I never delivered it myself, so I'm not sure if that's what you meant. I hardly ever met Plant, just a very quick hello once. I sent it to his manager and it was given to him on the day.

But if that's what you mean the lovely Rainn is still hosting it here: http://www.palemoon.com/thegift/

I guess it's a good day to reminisce about this. At least for me. Linked with great memories! I see so many names of people I lost touch with. Others are still around ;)

tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
It's no secret that FBO is perused by the lads and others. So, it is in my case, both self affirmation and genuine good wishes.
Anyone remember the book of FBO birthday greetings that was printed out and 
hand delivered to Robert?!  Does a link to that still exist out in cyberspace? 
Lotsa fun reading the wishes and the names of 'old timers' behind them!!!:)

Good karma indeed...

now just hope Jimmy stays away from the  'special meat' moo goo gai pan until 
after the show!