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Re: RIP Jerry Wexler


>From the article:

"Mr. Wexler was already in his 30s when he entered the music business,
but his impact was immediate and enduring. In 1987, the Rock and Hall
of Fame recognized his contributions to American music by inducting
him in only its second year of conferring such honors.

Mr. Wexler actually didn't care for rock 'n' roll, at least as it
evolved in the 1960s and '70s. Though he signed a British band called
LED ZEPPELIN and eventually produced records by the likes of Bob
Dylan, Carlos Santana, Dire Straits and George Michael, his main
influence came in the 1950s and '60s as a vice president of Atlantic
Records, working largely with black artists who were forging a new
musical style, which came to be called soul music, from elements of
gospel, swing and blues."

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> sigh...
> Another Atlantic records visionary joins Ahmet.
> soory no links   if someone can ggogle & paste
> it would be appreciated