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Re: R u XCited?!

Hahaha...I have had Jimmy tantrums before.  It isn't pretty, so I am
not sure you really want to see it.  The last one I had was thrown all
over this alleged reporter, who,  with a big smarmy smirk described
Jimmy as, "stumbling around in his garden"  when he broke his finger
before the O2 show.  I had an absolute fit!  That is NOT what
happened.  Stumbling IN your garden is a lot different than stumbling
AROUND in your garden - that made Jimmy sound daft or drunk or
something.  Boy did I let that reporter have it.  I think I scared his
secretary to death.  He apologised when I told him I had nothing
better to do than wage war against him every single day for the rest
of his natural life until he did.  Grrrrrrr!!!  Reporters can really
suck....  anyway in his next report he said Jimmy tripped in his
garden, so tantrum over.

On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 4:34 PM, Eddie Lombardi <elombardi70@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You know Annie I'm almost wishing he isn't knighted so I can see you throw a 
> tantrum infront of Bucks Palace :-)  That I suspect would be an event worth 
> seeing.  LOL :-D
> Eddie
>> Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 15:33:23 +0100
>> From: pagesangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> To: tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx; zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
>> Subject: Re: R u XCited?!
>> I'm excited!!! And I am also working on the "Sir" bit.... If that
>> man is not knighted very soon I am going to have a giant tantrum right
>> in front of Buck Palace!!!!
>> On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 2:44 PM, tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>>  wrote:
>>> WOW!
>>> Jimmy @ the Olympics!! I too was thinking it was just a molar induced 
>>> hallucination, but here you go NAthan...it's real.
>>> Alligning himself with a young upstart...brilliant.
>>> Representing LONDON....most honorable.
>>> Can anyone say SIR Dr. Jimmy?! ?
>>> Most deserving imo.
>>> Now to convince my wife to come home early so I can watch it live... :)
>>> I'm pretty sure it'll be on @ primetime thogh, so I'l"