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The Venture Brothers love Zeppelin

Well, Brock Sampson does.  It's a cartoon for grownups (and I use that
term loosely.  I can't picture my Grandma watching and she's the
grownest up I know) on Adult Swim Sunday nights.  I have loved it
since its' beginning.  Brock Sampson is the bodyguard of Dr. Venture
(And he's a spy too) (He's voiced by Patrick Warburton from Seinfeld,
and that new show with David Spade and Family Guy) and he has a bad
ass old muscle car that he plays Led Zeppelin tapes in.  Last week he
opened a secret compartment to contact his spy control people and he
had to give his voice password for access.  It was:  John Bonham

from wiki: Classic Rock music: Brock's devotion to Led Zeppelin
surfaces in several episodes. Some references are rather subtle (when
driving the Charger, Brock almost always is listening to facsimile Led
Zeppelin songs) while others are more overt, such as Hank rifling
through Brock's collection of "Zep" cassette tapes or Brock drawing
the logo of the band's label instead of completing the essay portion
of a written exam, in addition to having a (currently incomplete)
tattoo of it on his arm. He passionately believes that the band is
more than just "jock rock" whose music talks about love and longing .
. . and hobbits. In an "interview" with IGN.com, Brock has stated that
his favorite track is Led Zeppelin's "'Moby Dick', live at Montreaux,"
which is probably meant to be Bonzo's Montreux from Coda. His password
is "John. Bonham. Rocks." In response to a question sent from a fan on
MySpace, Doc Hammer stated that Brock also likes Rush (up to the album
"Moving Pictures"), early music from the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath
(until Ozzy Osbourne left), and the solo Dio. At some point in his
youth, Brock also played the bass guitar (according to the Christmas
special - the only episode to mention this - it was painted with zebra
stripes - a popular motif among 80s rockers). In said Christmas
special, he intended to give it to Hank as a present (whereas Dean was
much more difficult to shop for); it is worth noting, however, that
all but the last few moments of the episode were part of Dr. Venture's
dream sequence, so whether or not he actually played is not currently
known. The only other reference to his musical aspirations is his
regret, in his possibly non-canon interview with IGN that he regretted
not getting a band together (he claimed to play "bass" and "vox
Such a funny show and even better now that I've noticed his Zep
references - I don't know if it's him specifically putting them in or
if the writers are but I'll take my Zep mentions wherever I can get

Here's some links to Brock Sampson awesomeness:

I know it's silly but it's fun.