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Robert was at Cropredy

Maybe this is common knowledge but it was news to me - Betty


HEAVY rain on the final day of Cropredy failed to dampen the enthusiasm  of 
Thursday and Friday were blessed with good weather but the  heavens opened on 

The macs and umbrellas came out but there was  still enthusiastic reception 
for the acts, including former Ultravox frontman  Midge Ure and Fairport 
Convention, who traditionally close the  show.

There was a special tribute, by way of a video montage, to former  Fairport 
singer Sandy Denny, who died 30 years ago.

There was also a  surprise appearance by Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant.
To watch a slideshow of pictures from Saturday - accompanied by Fairport's  
Meet On the Ledge - click on the 'play' link.