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ya hadda get me started...(SZC)

 Could some kind soul send me a link to where I could read Bonehead's comments 
about Page? I'm gonna hate him anyways, so...
 'The Edge'. Give me a fuckin' break. That echo thing he's based his whole 
'style' on was old when he started doing it. Dave Gilmore did it years ago, 
Ronnie Montrose did it with Gamma (song, 'Razor King'), nothing groudbreaking 
about it at all. Edge is in the Top 5 list of World's Most Overrated 
Guitarists. As a fellow guitarist, I have absolutely NO respect for him.
 Ahhhh good 'ol Bonehead. There are many reasons why I hate this guy. First 
off, I hate ALL hypocrites. Second, I hate ANY non-American who constantly 
bad-mouths my country, while soaking up millions of dollars from blind American 
fans. Seems to like spending an awful lot of time in the U.S., doesn't he?? 
Third, he wastes my politicians' time by 'meeting' with them. Fourth, and most 
of all- who the FUCK does he think he IS, trying to tell MY president how MY 
tax money should be spent????????????? Mind you,this is a guy who preaches and 
proselatyzes all over, yet contributes VERY little of his OWN money, 99% of 
which was made off of the U.S.A., enough that he could buy himself a 17 million 
dollar yacht. Ya, nice humble 'Christian' fella...
 Oh and lest I forget, #5...I think U2 just plain sucks. So glad my kids aren't 
into them!
 Ok, I've vented, and I feel better now, Nech. Now where's my pipe...
 See what happens when you get me started???? lol
 Michael O.