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Re: Rude World...

Does seem like the last update was back in December 2007.

However a great site for new release info is here:

If you subscribe you get updates every time a new release comes to light.

SimmonsTeam@xxxxxxx wrote:

I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong but I was wondering if anyone know what
happened to the website www.stryder.de as I used to get a lot of update info
on current live DVD recordings out.  Last thing I heard is I think he was
getting married last year.

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Listening to last fm and Rude World came thru...

You know, this would and could be such a monster with Jason and JPJ on it
jamming it out.

Just a random thought I figured I'd throw out there... before the cheesy
lyrics of Prison Blues ruins it for me.
Thank goodness Jimmy rocked in that one.

WE NEED Jimmy to rock. I NEED Jimmy to rock.

I don't like being depressed.