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Re: Chicago 1975

Yes, an excellent thread and excellent find! Having been away from full web access made it difficult to follow but finally last night was able to fire up old Betsy and enjoy my fios again and certainly made for good reading. Trying to install protools killed the beast. Yes, protools is evil. So out went the hardware and software and my baby's back.

I was asked to spread the word here so that when it's ready, the good folks want fans to grab it before it shows up outta you know where. And knowing my luck I'll be away again!!!

Kudos Jonohull, Weedwacker and all. Can't wait!

jonohull@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

And an alternate source for the 20th was found from the same taper.
I'm actually the guy who found the tapes. I was introduced to a guy
named Kevin, and as I was helping him get some shows, he said he had a
few Chicago shows from '75 that he went to, when he sat next to the
taper. As was said, the whole thread is at RO, and I have to go to

On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 1:43 AM, Eddie Lombardi <elombardi70@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

One of the Chicago nights has been discovered and is getting ready for a 
torrent release.  There is a thread on R-O.com.  I've been meaning to post 
about it here.


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what's coming?

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clean yer drives... let me blow yer horn...

It's a coming....