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Re: Music industry discussion of LZ master tapes

I don't think the Mickie Most thing is plausible. It makes sense that someone close to the band, maybe Andy Johns or Eddie Kramer, or even one of Ahmet Ertegun's people would have had those tapes, but if you'll recall, Mickie Most had sold the band to Paul Samwell-Smith, who then sold it to Peter Grant, who then helped Jimmy Page form Led Zeppelin. Not only did Mickie Most never have anything to do with Led Zeppelin's management, but the Yardbirds were signed to Epic during the time that Most managed the group, and that makes it *extremely* unlikely that Atlantic's Led Zeppelin would have allowed him possession of the master tapes at any time. Also well known is Jimmy's disdain for Most as a producer. If Mickie Most had those tapes, it's because he acquired them shadily. If I were looking for the LZ-I masters, I'd start tracking them down by asking Andy Johns what happened to them. We know for certain that Eddie Kramer kept some masters that he was privy to because we discussed their sale (and its appropriateness) a few years back. So those guys are the first place to look. Certainly not the ex-manager of the old band twice-removed.

Even more reason for Page to keep the masters close.

I suspect Pagey has lots of stuff to be released over the next 40 or so years. A treasure trove for Scarlet and Jason and Zoe and Carmen and Logan and John Paul's kids, methinks. Managed correctly and released in dribbles over the years, it's enough to keep the descendants of Led Zeppelin very wealthy for a very long time. No need to get all crass about it vis a vis the Hendrix family. God bless Paul Allen for preserving some of what's left.