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Starting my own religion...

Teleri wrote:
Sure you know what spirituality is - that feeling you got  when you stepped 
into the O2 & realized you actually were going to see  Zeppelin play 
again...LOL BB Teleri

Not meaning to offend anyone, but -  
I like what Teleri wrote...couldn't resist the "we are going to  hell" thread 
since I've studied a lot of religions in a Buddhist grad  school and 
practiced a few (Christianity, Kabbalah, Hinduism and  Buddhism).  Each has 
innumerable varieties - The mystical versions of the  first two and the tantric 
of the last two can lead to some very cool  and non-dogmatic conclusions like 
-> spirit is in everything...music and  even rock and roll!  
My conclusion?  Led Zeppelin can get me as high as any  meditation or yoga 
practice (or sex for that matter...oops...should I not have  said that?)  Zep 
music to me is full of spirit and is one of  the more ecstatic things life has 
to offer.
Some Hindu yogis in India smoke ganja...and have sex.  And if  you listen to 
some of the wild East Indian musicians they pretty much  rock.  And this 
American yogi loves a daily dose or two (or three) of  Cabernet.  To each 
Deep theological discussions aside, maybe we can create our own  heaven/hell 
right now by how we see the world and treat others?   If  so, I feel sorry for 
the "going to hell" web site dude.  Or maybe he is  having a good laugh?  
In the meantime, think I'll start my own religion...Zep Yoga?  Yoga  for Led 
Heads?  Hmmmmm...my LZ collecting habit could become a tax  write-off...;-)  
We could have a yearly pilgrimage to a LZ reunion concert!  (Let's  make that 
one dogma.)
And the mantras could be:  It's All Happening!!!  Share the  Music!!!  Does 
Anybody Remember Laughter???