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Re: Firecrackers at shows

All of the shows i attended were either in Ohio or New York and firecrackers were a pretty common problem (primarily in the summer). I particularly remember seeing the Stones in 78, very close to the 4th of July where firecrackers prompted multiple announcements from the stage to cool it or the Stones wouldnt preform.

People always seemed to be throwing things at shows back then - I remember Eric Bloom from BOC getting hit with an apple in 1979 (i think the drummer started eating it) and someone throwing a plastic milk carton full of beer at Ted Nugent at a big outdoor show with JGeils, Scorpions and Def Leppard (he stopped the show and wanted the person identified so he could jump in the audience and kick his ass)

With respect to the West Coast, check out to Seattle July 17, 1973 (v 1/2) - opening announcement ("nobody digs fireworks . . . please cool the fireworks ." Announcer then goes on to say that the show would be 1 hour 45 but if people cool the fireworks and dont bump into the optic effects close to the stage, the band will go for 3 hours!)

On Jul 29, 2008, at 2:14 PM, cathy kelty wrote:

I wanted to give belated thanks to Nech for his rememberances of the MSG show. I sadly missed Zeppelin by the skin of my teeth a couple of times, but man do I remember the vibe at the many concerts I went to in the '70s, and you capture it so well!

One thing that always sticks out for me in reviews of Zeppelin shows is the mention of firecrackers. There's no arguing my memory of concerts is hazy, but, I just don't recall people setting off firecrackers at shows I went to. I think I would've been really pissed, it's such a rude thing to do! Had to be frightening for band and audience alike.

Makes me wonder, was that a mid-west and east coast thing? Do any fellow left coast folks recall firecrackers regularly going off at concerts?

I mean, it's a wonder Winterland didn't burn to ground filled with freaks, hippies and teenagers as it was... :-)