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RE: Willing to burn 36 CD set - ALL SPOTS TAKEN :(

I have received 2 requests each for b&p and trades. If all goes well I will
offer this up again late this year/early 2002.


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Subject: Willing to burn 36 CD set

Through the help of two wonderful badgeholders (names withheld to keep them
from getting more requests) I was able to get the 36 CD MP3 set. I am
relatively new to trading and was amazed how helpful people have been. So in
this spirit I am offering to make four copies of this set, two for b&p and
two for trades. For the trades I am looking for Earl's Court vid, Floyd,
Sabbath, Trower, Hendrix and Neil Young (acoustic shows, especially any at
Poplar Creek). The first two OFFLIST b&p and trade offers that come in will
be accepted, if two b&p's do not come in by midnight I will fill the spots
with trade offers three and four. I will post to the list when the spots
have been filled.