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VCD Artwork

Hello guys,

I recently received some zep vcds as a birthday present. They are:

1969 - Live
09 Jan 1970 - Royal Albert Hall
1970-1972 - Live
1973 - Live (1 CDR)

Awesome viewing IMHO, especially the 1969 and the RAH discs. Jimmy in
the leather jacket with the psychedelic telecaster looks so damn cool.

Anyways, these vcds were converted from some dvd releases, so I took the
liberty of converting the scans of the dvds to cd size. If you need
those scans, you can check out the artwork section of my site to
download them.
- -Terra

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"Now the wonderful world is born,
 In an instant it dies,
 In a breath it is renewed.

 From the slowness of our eye
 And the quickness of God's Hand
 We believe in the world."

- -The Mahabharata [William Buck]