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JPJ in Cleveland, Friday 11/30/01

Hello all:

I bought my ticket to see Jonesy in Cleveland at the Lakewood Civic 
Auditorium off the SCI ticketing page (the site where advance tickets were 
available for the King Crimson/JPJ shows) on Thursday (the day before 
tickets went on sale on Ticketbastard.

Is anyone familiar enough with the venue to tell me whether or not Section 
SSEC4, Row G, Seat 11 is any good or not?

Also, I couldn't talk any of my friends into going with me (the only cool 
friends - the ones who like Zeppelin almost as much as I do - live 200 miles 
east of me, and I'm 120 miles east of Cleveland), so I'll be going alone.  
This will probably be a bit of a drag, since I'm not a huge Crimson fan and 
I'll likely be the only one in a JPJ shirt among hundreds of KC lovers.  If 
anyone would like to meet up outside the venue or somewhere around there, 
that might be cool.  Be advised though that I'm 20 years old, so I won't be 
able to hit the bars with you after the show or anything.

Thanks for any info!

- -Wyatt

"That's some catch, that Catch-22..."

- -Yossarian