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Recording Speeds(SZC)

Hi, Everyone,
If you have speed adjustment capabilities why not just use them whenever
you get a show that sounds fast or slow?
I'd extract it adjust it listen to it and then re-burn it. Remember, lots
of boot versions derived from vinyl copies that may have been played on
turntables with variable speed but no strobe.
Yes such turntables did exist and there are a few still out there.
Lots of cassette players were'nt faithful in speed playback either.
Some recordings may have been speeded up to fit everything on a side, etc.
Just think of all the weird situations the original recorders were in.
Especially trying to look out for Peter Grant to make sure he didn't see them.
Except for the two "stonies" that recorded 06/07/77 MSG. I would have bet
they would have asked him to join the party.
(Further Aside)Speaking of older recording equipment
I've seen an old two track Wollensack at the local warehouse fleamarket
that was probably similiar to the one that the Who used on Live at Leeds
that Jimmy later borrowed when he was doing the guitar demo noodlings on
the fourth album.
Can one still buy reel to reel magnetic recording tape anywhere these days?
Hey, whatever happened to that particular recorder, does anyone know?
What other reasons could people have had for not getting the show speed
correct? This is similar to 
You Know you're a Zephead when...
Keith Richards may have never liked Led Zeppelin because he forgot to
readjust his turntable speed and always heard them playing too fast.
When played at the correct speed Robert Plant singing should not sound like
Alvin the Chipmunk.
(Insert giggles and smiles)