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Re: a quick rant...

Hi everyone,
Oh my,
we are talking distinctly different approaches to presentation, and
Ronnie can wring a solo out if he gets an opportunity.
Keif is a Richards (in spite of the Italian part of the family) so don't
knock it, there's nothing gained there.
What if you listen to "Beggar's Banquet," some interesting background
there, what?
Jimmy is unique in his ability to turn seemingly accidental note
compliations into tension brewing bubbling over ecstatic musical releases.
The ladies in the audience know better.
Best "accidental music" I ever listened to.
At 04:03 PM 10/26/01 -0700, Mark Donahue wrote:
>That elusive fourth chord is the reason the Stones had to hire Ronny.  It
>just because he's ugly.  Ronnie Wood solved the problem of the fourth chord.
>Ray Davies called him the Alan Turing of the British Invasion.   Eric Burdon
>called him "who?".  The Rolling Stones welcomed Ron Wood into the fold in
>All the members were delighted by Ronnie's energy and realative coherence.
>Except Keith.  Keith wouldn't talk to him until 1983 because in his own
>fought 'e was a monster.".
>We all owe a debt of gratitude to Ronnie Wood for ushering an era of bold new
>colors in music.  Because of mavericks like him, we now live in a
>kaleidescope of sound, with some songs having up to 5 chords.  These
>are made by professional musicians, so don't try this at home.
>P.S. Jimmy is awesome.
>Chris Rees wrote:
>> RE:. It's always the punk guys that know exactly three chords and usually
>> choose to play only two over and over and over and say that anything
else is
>> just over doing it. I say to Keith Richards, learn how to play your god
>> damned instrument then we can discuss the merits of Led Zeppelin.
>> ***wasnt aware there was a connection between 'more' and 'better'.  3
>> chords?  Communication Breakdown, my friend!!..oops, that might contain
>> ever elusive 4th chord.
>> cr