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Re: Recording Shows

Well I've noticed a lot about the recording sounding
better than the show as well. The U2 concert in
Hamilton a couple of weeks a go was a good example.
The show started out very loud and I was wondering if
I was wasting my time recording the show. Afterwards
the tape came out OK.

Another thing I noticed is that sometimes we think a
tape may be ruined by a couple of idiots standing
around you. Afterwards the placyback of the tape is
not as spoiled as you thought it would be.

Well after the clocks were set back an hour yesterday,
I did make the day more productive with an extra hour
as I taped two concerts in two cities in the same day.
I taped Jann Arden in Oakville and Diana Krall in
Hamilton, and both were sold out shows.

Our guys could learn a bit from both of these artists.
First of all Diana Krall does a lot more improvising
during the show than Robert and Jimmy did on the last
couple of tours. She would play the same set each
night, but the jamming out during each song would be
more noticeablely different. And this improvisation
would be with a 45 piece orchestra backing her up.

Robert could get a few ideas from Jann Arden as well
as I'll give her credit for not saying the same things
over and over again at the shows. She can be funny
too. Last summer she invited a fan from the audience
to sit up on stage with her. In front of 2000 fans,
Jann asked the lady if she was having her period that
day. At another show Jann got 1500 people laughing by
saying" Next I'm going to do Stairway To Heaven". I
wonder if Robert could get type of response with that

To give a little news on the story last week in the
toronto Sun about Jimmy possibly working with the Tea
Party and Daniel Lanois on a single, here's a little
bit more info. The white ribbon campaign that would be
supported is a charity that the Tea Party has
supported in the past. The main focus of the charity
is that it is against violence against women. The Tea
Party were inspired to help out this cause about 4-5
years ago after seeing reports on how women have been
treated in some of the middle eastern parts of the
world. Daniel Lanois is not only a producer who has
worked with U2, but he is also from Hamilton, Canada
and worked at Grant Avenue studios there as well. Just
a little info there to be shared!
Take Care