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Re: Percy's Sweet Tooth

>This movie featured another forgotten band of the seventies called Angel.
>Remember them?

Ah yes, Punky Meadows on guitar, Frank DiMino on vocals, Gregg Giuffria at 
the keyboards, Barry Brandt on drums and Mick Jones (later replaced by Felix 
Robinson) on bass.  The not-so-evil twins of KISS.  And probably some of the 
most fantastic on-stage magic (during a rock concert of course) since Alice 
Cooper.  They put out only 5 studio albums in the 70's, then a live album 
around 1980 and that was about it.  Either disco or punk (or that movie!) did 
them in.  Gregg Giuffria went on to success with Giuffria and House Of Lords, 
but the other guys kinda disappeared.  A couple of years back they sortof 
"reformed" (without Gregg and only a few "guest" solos for Punky) and put out 
an OK CD, but I haven't heard of anything since.

Who remembers purchasing In Through The Out Door about the same time as Angel 
- - Bad Reputation.....