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RE: Things on my mind (NZC)

Figures Sam.....So I try to answer you in private so I don't clog the list
and you block my e-mails....Guess you showed me huh loser boy...........If
you can't take a little heat you shouldn't post your narrow minded

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Subject: Things on my mind

1. Saw an ad for "Jimmy Page and Heavy Friends" in Mojo Collections today. 
There was no track listing but it had a cool cover. Any more info on this 
one? My guess would be that it's just another set of old session stuff.

2. Danelectro has a new pedal out from it's 60's line. Here's the caption
it "In the  mid 60's at a London studio, the well known producer for a 
certain Mega Group spliced recording tape backwards and presto...the reverse

delay was born. Now you can play backwards too! The creative possibilities 
are endless! Loop to create "sound on sound" textures. Too much fun!" It's 
called the "Back Talk". Now to me it sounds like they might be talking about

George Martin. Isn't Jimmy Page responsible for the presto that created 
reverse delay? Hmmm

3. From the same issue of GW in the 60 Minutes column, Stone Gossard (Pearl 
Jam) selected "All My Love" as one of the songs he'd put on a 60 minute
Here's what he had to say about it. "I was 17 when I first heard this song, 
and I don't think I appreciated it. I certainly do now. Zeppelin's use of 
rhythms on this record is ridiculous. This is also the album where John Paul

Jones had the most influence; he's an amazing musician and certainly the 
unsung hero of the band. He even plays the song's great synth solo." 

4. Pearl Jam's original drummer (forgot his name) once said in an interview 
that if he needed any inspiration to play he listened to LZ because John 
Bonham, among other things, could do more with one foot on a single action 
kick drum than most drummers can do with two. A couple of confirmed LZ 
influences on Pearl Jam and they end up "borrowing" from GTC.

5. Also from GW a full page ad for Good Rocking Tonight and a review. Of
and Plant: "Page and Plant cheerfully tackle Sonny Burgess' blues stomp 'My 
Bucket's Got a Hole In It." Unfortunately the reviewer loses all credibility

with this statement: "Strictly speaking a couple of tracks don't belong. 
Though it's nice to hear Van Morrison dueting with Carl Perkins on the 
latter's final recording, a horn-powered cover of Howlin' Wolf's 'Sittin On 
Top of the World,' the fact is that Wolf was never a Sun artist." Actually 
after talking with a very knowledgeable music fan at work it seems that 
Howlin' Wolf was indeed a Sun artist for a very short time. 

6. Led Zeppelin didn't play the benefit concert. Not surprising. Jimmy has 
several charities that he works for. As much of a fan I am, I think there
a conflict of interest and Jimmy just didn't want to work for a charity
than his own. And I'm sure Robert's dad could have been sick as well. 

That's it for the Zep content, meager as it was. What lies beyond is a rant.

Stop reading now if you're not interested.

7. Sorry for a few non-Zep postings lately. The original post was taken by 
all  the way it was meant to be and even commented on privately to me. Well 
nearly all. Just one more time, I gave the Richards quote, then made some 
comments on bad guitar playing. One particular fool thought he'd point out
mistake. Unfortunately it wasn't a mistake and when I pointed this out he
even more defensive in pointing it out. Go figure. Here's an excerpt from my

original post: "Strange how those who suck are so quick to critisize those 
that are amazing. It's always the punk guys that know exactly three chords 
and usually choose to play only two over and over and over and say that 
anything else is just over doing it. I say to Keith Richards, learn how to 
play your god damned instrument then we can discuss the merits of Led 
Zeppelin." Now I can see how someone might get confused, but after I 
explained what I meant and he got even more defensive? That's just plain 
stupidity. From this point on any e-mails from this idiot are going to be 
deleted without reading. I've had enough, and I know everyone else has had