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Re: Percy's Sweet Tooth

> From: who me <dave_barbee@xxxxxxxxx>
> I remember a story about Eddie Van Halen being
> at a party at someone in Angel's house. He had
> just finished recording the first VH album and
> had a tape of the unreleased record with him. The
> guy's in Angel were so impressed with the idea of
> remaking the Kink's classic that they went into
> the studio immediately and recorded their own
> version and tried to rush release it as a single.
> VH's producer Ted Templeman found out about it
> and was pissed at Eddie. Warner Bros had to
> release the first VH album ahead of schedule. I
> never heard Angel's version and I guess time has
> proven who did the better cover of it.

I was into Angel big for time, and I do not recall this being on any of
their albums, will dig around and see what I can find. I do remember there
was a bit of it on the Derringer Live Album.

> Mandatory Zep Content....The version of In My
> Time Of Dying from the EC video is AMAZING!

As is Trampled Underfoot.