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Re: A quick rant

Mighty Nestor writes:

> Wasn't this around the same time that Page supposedly (or actually) played 
> solo
> on a Stones tune ? Didn't he also jam with Stones members around this time ? 
> Or
> am I on a astral plane again..... Scott, Tangoman ,anyone ?

Hmm. I think I took that same plane the other day...

I like Tangoman, btw.

Jimmy's solo on "One Hit to the Body" from the Stones album "Dirty Work" does 
from this time period. That album was released in early 1986.

A year earlier, Page had collaborated on "Willie and the Poor Boys," the Bill
Wyman-led project that grew out of the Ronnie Lane Appeal for ARMS. His solo on
their cover of Otis Redding's "These Arms of Mine" is a beaut, and quite
reminiscent of the one on The Honeydrippers' remake of "Sea of Love."

More Keef/Jimma stuff, from the IFMTL:

o The `Jimmy' mentioned in the Rolling Stones song, "You Can't
Always Get What You Want", `...I was standin' in line with Mr.
Jimmy... So I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy...', is not a reference
to Jimmy Page. Jimmy does feature though in the credits for the
Stones album "Metamorphisis" although it is unclear which tracks
he played on. Jimmy may have been involved in the early days of
the Rolling Stones during his days a session player and producer,
no-one can say for sure. He has played on an album with Ron Wood
and Paul Rodgers, and Bill Wyman was present on the ARMS tour, so
there is ample evidence the bands got on reasonably well, although
Keith Richards has said he thinks Plant is a bit of an egomaniac.
The reference to Page on the back cover of "Metamorphisis" reads:
"This new elpee is for your home rack
with songs and stars to take you back
Some old, some new, some gone, some due
>From days when people wrote for the fun of it
And played for the hell of it
With pictures taken when all was smart
and just another piece of art,
>From sessions gone by, when friends dropped in
to play or stay or grin and drink
No one kept a list to say
Who played like this or clapped that way
The toads of parking lots weren't around to state
Pay up or you've got no sound
So thank you Jimmy Page, John McLaughlin....
...John Paul Jones..."
Two tracks on "Metamorphisis" that seem the most likely candidates
for Page's involvement are "Heart Of Stone" and "Memo From
Turner". Keith Richards has admitted that the guitar part on the
released version of "Heart Of Stone" was copied straight from
Jimmy's demo tape. Additional 1964 demos are avilable on other
Stones bootlegs, including the recently released "Metamorphisis"

o When Keith Richards went to see Zeppelin play he remarked to Page
that, "You ought to get another guitarist; you're rapidly becoming
known as the most overworked guitarist in the business."

o In 1975, Page got together with Keith Richards and Rick Grech and
recorded a song called "Scarlet".