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Re: (SZC) Re: Live long and prosper

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Subject: (SZC) Re: Live long and prosper

> Gotta confess, it was a quick newsstand peek, so I didn't get as far as
> text. ;-)
> But thanks for the info.
> That decontamination rubdown scene in the pilot episode was one of the
> ridiculous, blatantly gratuitous cheesecake scenes in all of television
> history. It was great!

Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes.......ummmm, did I mention

> I quite liked the pilot, but I haven't seen any more episodes. From what I
> hear they're sucking big time. I noticed in the TV listings that it only
> them three episodes to use the ol' "crew beams down to uncharted planet
> gets infected by spores that affect their inhibitions" formula.

Well I did see the next couple episodes and I have to agree.  I'll watch
again tonight because I soooooooooo really wanna like it that I'll give it a
few more chances.  But if it doesn't hook me soon (And Ms. Vulcan Jolene IS
a mighty big hook but she ain't gonna be able to do it by herself) it's
Weakest Link or whatever other silly game show is on.  Or heck, maybe I'll
read a book on Wednesdays before Drew Carey.  A novel idea, I say!  ;o)

> And that theme song! Jaysus. Michael Bolton could do a better job.

THAT was my first biggest complaint during the premier - I turned to my wife
and said "What the heck is this crap?  That ain't Star Trek music!"  - but
the rest of the episode was good so I tried convincing myself that maybe
that was just the Premier Theme Song and that the rest of the series would
have "real" Star Trek music.  Sadly, I was mistaken.  Is there a ST-E news
group yet?  I'm gonna go find 'em and complain.  They'll listen to me,
right?  ;o)  I just can't get over how utterly awful that theme song
is...And I don't like the chief engineer.  He's trying too hard to be Bones.
Everybody knows a chief engineer should be a Scot.  (Isn't that a Leonard
Cohen song?  ;o)  )  I'm still undecided on Bakula...I think he's suffering
from inadequate writing.

But day-yam, that Jolene Vulcan lady is top notch.  And her being a Zep fan,
and the bit about her sweaty and across the
room.....ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......huh?  Where was I?  I zoned out for a
minute there......

But really, they gotta lose the theme song - I could put up with the show
for a lot longer if it had a decent theme song.