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Holy Grail, Batman!

I finally had a chance to watch Earls Court and I am amazed!  Even with a 
2nd generation VHS the quality was much better than I'd expected and the 
show is a joy to watch.  Like so many of us I always had to make due with 
short 8mm clips that never really gave a true idea of what the boys were 
like in concert.  Now we can all see it again and again!  I just love the 
Page/Teramin (sp?) duel.  Too cool.

A huge thank you to Buckeye, all the branches, and everyone else who put so 
much time and effort into this huge tree.  The generosity of those in the 
Zeppelin community is amazing.

Now, where did this information about Seattle 1977 come from?  Who is 
releasing the show?  I can't wait to see that one as well!