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Re: 1977 fans our time has come

<Holy Eye 
Productions releases the other Holy Grail
of Zepp videos. This is a 70 minute excellent 
pro-shot film.  It is the first
half of the show and comes in a numbered color 
box set.  Plenty of great
footage here.  Far better than Earls Court.

RELEASE 11/12/01:  Return of the Dragon, 3cd 
complete soundboard from Seattle
7/77 on Apple Records, comes in a phat box set 

Typical bootlegger's tactics. Release the first
half of the video (for an enormous price)and 
release the complete soundboard (no doubt from
the video).Then sometime down the road, release
the 2nd half of the video as the 'definative"
version at another enormous price. Thank god for
the traders!