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Re: NYC - get real

Even though I don't necessarily care for Howard Stern, he was perfect in 
all those that didn't show by simply saying "Shame on You" I just wished he shut
his pie hole there and didn't continue on with making this a time for blasting 
ol rosie &  I can give a rats ass about Kathie Lee. Nice ass, I mean what an 

Whatever the reason, it would at least have been nice to see *something* from 
of the former members. At least a statement from managment to say due to
unforeseen circumstances yada yada....but nothing at all : (

Kinda makes me wonder if they really WERE invited ? Mr. TangerineMan brought up
some good points on that. But then again even if my meager local paper had it in
black & white  that they were invited, you would think that their camp would've
picked up on it enough to make some sort of retort.

Weiser wrote:

> we're still free and we can still party!

Yeah, and was it necessary to show them half in the bag to prove it?!
I mean for every tear jerker holding up pictures of a fallen hero there was the
obligatory loudmouth drunk. You gotta love it.

>  so rather than continue to do nothing but berate them for their
> shortcoming in not attending the party, I think that they need to be forgiven.

ms. Gere here ?   Nah, if they really didn't have a decent excuse, they deserve 
be berated...for a bit at least.

> I wished I could have been there just to get the overall sound more
> co-ordinated.I thought that supremely uneven sound was infuriating!

Well, it certainly showed us who the pros were didn't it? No why couldn't Macy
Gray's mic have gone dead?

> Excuse me, we're talking MSG here,
> Yeah so what?

Sew buttons! It was Zeppelin's second home away from home...all the more reason
they should've made their "thriumphant" return *there*

> So do I start raggin' on Paul Schaffer?

Personally I think he's a flamer but got to hand it to him...he's friggin
everywhere and always does a helluva job getting it all together. Very talented
individual albeit strange.

> Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

I was amazed that Keith remembered the lyrics to the first verse of Salt of The
Earth. Which IMHO was the best suited song for the entire night. Got to hand it 
'em..... Mick's a friggin stallion and Keifff, well he's just so shattered.

>  grumpy ol' Pete Townsend.
> And John Entwhistle wins the flying fingers competition again.
> Roger Daltry didn't sing perfectly, but he sang with gusto if nothing else.

Other than that anoying keyboard that overpowered Who R U, they rawked. It was
great to see Pete wailing an electric around and those extra solos & frills just
added to their powerful set of Who classics...you wanted a friggin reunion, I'll
give you a frikkin reunion 'tude written all over their performance. Dosen't 
they'll talk to each other afterwards but they DID pull it together for that bit
now didn't they....something I as a Zep fan can not gloat about  to my Who nut
next door. : (

Joining the Janet Jackson aerobics session,