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Re: New Page Plant cover

Yesterday I was able to check out the Sun Records tribute- Good Rockin 
tonight to which Jimmy and Robert contribute a track.  The track is "My 
bucket's got a hole in it" by Sonny Burgess.  Their version is fantastic, 
surprising and might be the best track on the cd.  
Robert's voice sounds great and he obviously still right at home singing the 
rockabilly stuff.
The production is excellent and honors the period with a bottom anchored by a 
stand up bass without sounding retro.
The surprise is that Jimmy left the Les Paul at home.  He plays no (or very 
little) electric on the track.  Even the soloing is done up acoustic.  At 
first I was a little disappointed not to hear a fender cranked with a bit of 
slapback echo, but the track really works as is and makes you wonder what 
these guys could do with a proper producer (here Ahmet Ertugun is listed) and 
a endless list of blues and 50's rockers to choose from.
Oh to dream...
 The rest of the disc is rock solid too.  McCartney, Elton John, Tom Petty, 
Bryan Ferry, Van Morrison with Carl Perkins and others all turn in excellent 
joyful tributes.  It comes out next tuesday.  Check it out if you get a 
I'm really looking forward to the PBS special now.

Bob Mady