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Re: Settling Indy once and for all

Hi Everyone and Michael,
When Led Zeppelin appeared on stage in person at the State Fairgrounds
Coliseum in Indianapolis,
Robert said to the audience "we played in Macon, Georgia last night and
tomorrow we're headed back east to Maryland. This tour has been all over
the place. We've been having fun... Indianapolis, are you having fun
(This quote is as close as I can remember it after all this time.)
Originally I reported it to this list as the 3rd
in my post several years ago entitled "April 3rd was in Indy."
I have no personal journals from that time. So after twenty years and
losing the ticket stub, as well as being the victim of a near death
experience in an automobile accident in 1975 that resulted in my suffering
from a combination of partial and permanent amnesia, my memory of the date
had faded.

As I said in my previous post from this week and from posts I made to the
list in 1998 after the Zepfest in Cleveland, I interviewed the chief
executive of the local radio station in Indianapolis which promoted the Zep
gig at the State Fairgrounds Coliseum. The man was a wealth of information.
He attended the show
and recalled it well, including the fact that it happened on April 4.

I interviewed administration officials connected with the Indiana State
Fairgrounds Coliseum and had them confirm from their archives that Led
Zeppelin played a concert there on Saturday, April 4, 1970.

I don't think that the Indianapolis Star or the Indianapolis News were into
conveying false reporting in 1970.

I HAVE initialed and officially stamped documented copies of both the
advertisement and the concert review from the microfilm documentation from
the public library in Indianapolis confirming the date of the concert.

So I have 3 official sources from established organizations that were in
contact with Led Zeppelin on a first hand basis in addition to my report of

I remember seeing at least three or four concert-goers in the first ten
rows at the Coliseum shooting pictures. I don't remember any 35mm pro-shot
people right off hand, just people with their rangefinder 35mm's and what
looked like some 110 cameras.

So other people need to go back and take a look at their research
concerning Led Zeppelin's concert dates in April of 1970 because their
information needs updated.
Robert Godwin reported to me that he that he didn't find the information.
I told him the only way you're really going to know is to quit relying on
personnel to do the research and do it yourself, like I did.
My husband did the research at the public library with me.
We both have educational, semi-pro and pro journalism backgrounds. 

I believe the Macon, Georgia date is accurate when taken into consideration
from Plant's proclamation to that effect at the Indianapolis show.

I am sure that the currently asserted Evansville date of April 16 is
correct, originally I  misremembered it as April 13th, until I recalled
that this show was a weeknight show. I couldn't get any friends to go with
me so I hitch-hiked alone down that creepy two lane highway that used to be
the only way to get to Evansville from Bloomington. Later, after looking at
published documentation and noting what dates had not been listed,  I
reconfirmed at least for myself that it was probably the 16th. Later I
called the local Evansville newspaper and received a little bit of
information. Also the surfacing of the ticket stub clinched it. I had long
since lost my ticket stub so my memory of it had faded with respect to the
date over time.
During the Evansville show, Robert mentioned to the audience that Led
Zeppelin had traveled from St. Louis to Canada. 
He was saying this to let us know that he was concerned about his voice,
because it had been cold in Canada and he wanted us to understand that he
wasn't sure how well he'd be able to sing after going through those sudden
I know he mentioned Montreal and he may have spoken of Ottawa also but he
was speaking rather quickly because the technical people had finished what
they were doing, because Robert was looking behind himself and to the sides
to see what was happening. I remember seeeing Peter Grant. Plus, Jimmy was
giving Robert a look like he wanted him to get on with the first song. Also
during these opening Plantations the majority of the late arrival crowd had
finished settling into their seats, and that seemed to be acting as a cue
for Robert to hurry through the banter because Jimmy obviously wanted to
get down to business.
Why wouldn't I automatically remember the dates I saw Zeppelin?
Because I attended scores of musical concerts from 1964 through about 1990
and I did not write everything down at the time because I figured everyone
else was. If something is important to you, you record it for yourself,
because the time may come when you discover everyone thought the same thing
and few records exist as a result.

If anyone is interested in seeing jpg's of the Indy documentation they may
email me privately. 
Shar, The Pink Lady

At 12:02 AM 10/23/01 -0400, TangerineMan wrote:
>Hi Shar,
>FWIW, Lewis and Pallett's "Led Zeppelin: The Concert File" (London: Omnibus
>Press, 1997)--which I believe is generally regarded as being as close to a
>definitive guide at this point in time, and thus would supersede Rey's "Led
>Zeppelin Live: The Final Edition" (Owen Sound: Hot Wacks Press, 1997) in this
>respect--gives the following dates (asterisks denote shows known to have been
>03/31 Philadelphia, The Spectrum (Lewis + Pallett quote from the Philly
>_Evening Bulletin_'s review, reproduce a print ad for the show, and show
>pictures of the gig--pp. 46-47)
>04/02 Charleston, Civic Center
>04/03 Macon, Coliseum
>04/05 Baltimore, Civic Center*
>04/07 Raleigh, Dorten Auditorium*
>04/08 Atlanta, no venue given
>04/09 Tampa, Curtis Hickson Hall*
>04/10 Miami, Miami Beach Convention Hall (includes quote from a Miami
>04/11 St. Louis, Kiel Auditorium (includes print ad announcing the date and a
>newspaper review of the gig)
>04/13 Montreal, Forum (confirmed by press reports, which have been quoted in
>various places incl. Lewis + Pallett, and which friends of mine have also
>researched independently on microfiche)
>04/14 Ottawa, Civic Center* (unrelated factoid: Jimmy's black Les Paul stolen
>somewhere around this time)
>04/16 Evansville, Roberts Stadium (ticket stub reproduced on p. 48)
>04/17 Memphis, Mid South Coliseum* (unrelated factoid: show during which
>Grant has gun pulled on him by promoter's crony and Grant issued famous
>04/18 Phoenix, Arizona Coliseum
>04/19 Las Vegas, Convention Center (cancelled after Plant collapsed on stage
>in Phoenix the night before)
>As you can see, no show is listed for April 4 . . . which doesn't mean it
>never happened, of course. It means there's room for a show in
>Indianapolis--although it also means the band would have played six nights
>straight (unless the Macon or Atlanta data are inaccurate, which is possible
>because there are no press reports to corroborate the dates).
>Shar, you seem to have documented the Indy show well, so I would suggest
>sending copies of all results of your research to Dave Lewis through Dave
>Linwood at TBL (tbl@xxxxxxxxxx). I remember someone doing something similar
>for a Milwaukee show (I believe) a couple of years ago.
>Shar wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Here we go again,
>> Let's settle the April 4, 1970 concert issue once and for all.
>> I personally researched the data in the spring of '98.