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Request: Feelin' Groovy Definitive Edition Artwork

If anyone would be kind enough to provide High
Resolution scans of this show, please contact me, and
I'll make them available for all the people who signed
up on the tree by putting it on my web site.

I admined the tree, and there have been a number of
requests for artwork.  Scans of at least 300kb, for
both front and back, would be great.  Pretty please,
someone with original artwork and scanner?

One of our Mikes provided a copy of some scans.  I'd
like to get higher res ones, but in the meantime this
is available on my site.  It seems to be a scan of a
paper slip type cover.  Give me a couple of days, and
I'll segment it into front and back sections, with
side flaps for the back cover.  What I've got on the
site now is the best I can arrange for the next couple
of days:


Thanks everyone,