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Re: NYC - A dissapointment

- --- jmallard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I must say, while I thorouoghly enjoyed the 5.50 of
> live music and films that comprised the Concert for
> New York, I'm thorougly dissapointed in Jimmy and
> Robert.
> I'm going to assume the following as the basis for
> my argument:
> Per TBL and other sources:  They were asked by
> McCartney to play.
> Per JPJ's Site:  He was asked to play.
> For an event that produced the most carnage on
> American soil since Gettysburg, or Cold Harbor, it
> would seem that these three could humble themselves
> to appear together for the cause.  After all, Mick,
> Keith, Roger, Pete, and a host of others found it
> within their abilities to humble themselves and play
> a few songs for free.  
> If there was some logistical conflict, I can
> understand, but if it turns out that the only
> conflict was ego's, then I do have a problem with
> it.
> Thanks for hearing my mini-rant.

Agreed. Led Zeppelin made a HUGE amount of money
playing in America. This is making them look real bad.