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Re: # of shows played?

Hi Everyone,
Here we go again,
Let's settle the April 4, 1970 concert issue once and for all.
I personally researched the data in the spring of '98.
According to public record, Led Zeppelin performed in Indianapolis, at 
The Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum on Saturday April 4, 1970.

 I searched the Indianapolis Star and the News newspaper reference
department archive at the Indianapolis Public Library. I located an
official record of an Indianapolis Star March 1970 Sunday paper
entertainment section advertisement for this Led Zeppelin gig. My husband
Dale and I also located a newpaper document of a concert review for this
gig published two days after the show in the Indianapolis News on April 6,
I interviewd the chief executive from the radio station that promoted this
Led Zeppelin concert. He confirmed the fact that Zeppelin had played at the
Coliseum on that date. He attended the show and remembered it well.
No, Led Zeppelin did not perform at the Spectrum in Philly on the 4th.
They were at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum,
I attended the concert in person.
I also attended the Evansville show.

At 08:45 AM 10/18/01 -0500, rob mcvaigh wrote:
>    These are the dates that are on alex's site...    Did you look at
>these??  not saying that they are right or anything...

>31/03/1970 Forum, Montreal, Canada (?)
>??/03/1970 State Pavillion, Long Island, New York
>01/04/1970 The Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts (?)
>02/04/1970 Detroit, Michigan
>03/04/1970 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
>04/04/1970 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
>05/04/1970 Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland
>06/04/1970 Memphis, Tennessee
>07/04/1970 Dorten Auditorium, Raleigh, North Carolina
>08/04/1970 Atlanta, Georgia
>09/04/1970 Curtis Hickson Hall, Tampa, Florida
>11/04/1970 St. Louis, Missouri
>12/04/1970 Chicago, Illinois
>13/04/1970 Montreal, Canada (?)
>13/04/1970 Milwaukee, Wisconsin (?)
>14/04/1970 Ottawa, Canada (?)
>14/04/1970 Minneapolis, Minnesota (?)
>15/04/1970 Winnipeg, Canada
>17/04/1970 Salt Lake City, Utah
>18/04/1970 Arizona Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona
>19/04/1970 Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada (cancelled)