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Re: WIC rose colored glasses

In a message dated 10/19/01 6:33:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< .I mean imagine you
 never heard of P/P or LZ and had no idea who did this...would you still 
 it to be a great album? Would you?! REALLY?!?! >>

Because of it's limited promotion and exposure I probably wouldn't have even 
bought it had it not been a former LZ offering. That being said, IMO WIC 
stands on it's own, and yes I would still consider it to be a great album. 
Compared to what's out now? Blows it all away with very few exceptions. 

<<No more bitching, but Jimmy's playing better now than he has in eons.>>

Is he? Maybe you can provide some non-Zep song examples. Not many. He's 
playing the old stuff and well, but I wouldn't say his playing is THAT much 
better. Even if it is, what the hell good does it do if he's not playing 
anything at all?

<<What I want is an album that sounds like it had some real feal and effort 
put behind it...say something like a Zooma?>>

I guess this brings up the million dollar question. What makes you think this 
isn't the best song writing effort that Jimmy is capable of now? Because of 
his stint with the Black Crowes or other shows recently? Remember the best 
playing he's doing now is on the old material. Do you think he's got these 
amazing songs under wraps and he's just not letting us here them because why? 
I really think WIC is a fair representation of what he can write now. I 
personally hope it can get better like his playing has been lately.