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Zeppelin Questions

1)  I have a boot of 6/27/77 that was listed as "FBO tree".  Does anyone
know the source?
2)  Does anyone have the tablature to the entire SIBLY rather than just the
3)  I know that the classical piece that Page plays during the Heartbreaker
solo is Bach's Bouree in E Minor.  Any Bach heads know the BWV number?
4)  ALAIHY seems a strange choice for a cover.  Did Page play on the
original studio recording?
5)  Am I the only one that doesn't get the footnotes and bibliography as
attachments when Shar posts?
6)  When I was young I owned a vinyl boot where at the beginning of D+C
Plant says "this is where the good thing checked itself out". Is 4/27/69 the
only time he says this?
7)  I have a boot named "Roots" that has several tracks of The Young Rascals
before what sounds like Led Zeppelin I outtakes.  Anyone have an idea what
this is?  Did Page play on The Young Rascals albums?
8)  Is there any version of 6/21/77 that includes the entire TYG?
9)  Sorry for this one.  I have a cassette of the announcements of Bonham's
death.  I saw on Duncan's DB that there is a boot of "Bonham Death Reports".
Does anyone have a listing of the "set list" and does anyone actually trade

TIA for any answers.