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Re: Best Post Zep?

In a message dated 10/19/2001 4:12:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
owner-zeppelin-digest@xxxxxxxx writes:

> Best Post Zep?

Well, my favorites are between Honeydrippers and Zooma... those are two that 
I just adore.  Although I haven't heard much (The two above, N&Z, Manic, 
Outrider, NQ, Greek,), those two I enjoy most.  But I think Zooma more... 
only because parts of it bring up special memories of a very special 
inspiration in my life.  Yeah, a Nintendo game.

As for songs in particular?  I find myself singing Bob's Nirvana all the 
time.  I just walk down the street, all of a sudden, it's in my 
gut--"whoooOOOOOOAAAAAH NIRVANA!!!!!!" I do that sometimes with the end of 
Big Love too (dangit, Jeremy--free air miles!) and blah.  Plus, Sea of Love 
comes over our little satellite thingie we have in our supermarket, so 
whenever I hear it I'm always yelling out "Everyone!  It's Robert!" and all 
the other workers are like "Oh shit, more of that Robert whoever junk and 
that Zeppelin dude."  

That's just in my opinion.  I haven't tackled WIC yet--I just finished 
listening to Outrider and what I feel was an all-too-often occuring "brown 
note" that made me want to puke rather than... well, anyone watch South Park?