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Own Bonham's Drum Kit

Well...at least one just like it.  Ludwig is now making a drum kit
called the "Zep Set".  It's a maple kit that looks exactly like the one
John Bonham played in the early years of Zep.  It's not cheap.  The list
price is $4390 and the Musician's Friend Catalog has it on sale for
$2499.  Here's what the ad says...

Zep Set Bonham Classic Maple 5-Piece Kit
Big Bass and 2 floors in a John Bonham style setup.
Designed for thundering bass-heavy sound from its large drums with
Mini-Classic lugs.  26"X14" bass, 14"X12" tom, 16"X16" and 18"X16" floor
toms, and 6-1/2"X14" metal snare.  Hardware includes 2 snare stands, 3
cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, kick pedal, and bass spurs.  Cymbals not
included.  Choose maple, cherry, mohagany, or coral finish.