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Charmed and Band of Joy

Has anyone seen the beginning to the show, Charmed? I was flipping through 
channels and all of a sudden, Jonesy's symbol popped out at me... seems 
that's their big symbol on the show.  I know it has nothing to do with 
nothing, I just thought it was cool.

Anyhow, I'm looking through this book, and it's got all these listings of 
albums and junk, so naturally I'm looking through the boys and turning to all 
of their little appearances in history, but I'm noticing that there's a lot 
of typos, and a lot of places where they say people are... they aren't.  Like 
about four entries where Jimmy Page's name should be there but isn't.  
Anyhoo, I come across Band Of Joy, artists including Bob and Bonzo of course, 
plus about five or six other dudes--- basically the entry reads as an album 
(Band of Joy) released in 1978 by Polydor... is this just one big typo?  Or 
are there actually Band Of Joy bits roaming around?  I heard somewhere that 
there was some kind of recording, but I'm never sure of anything...