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RE: WIC rose colored glasses

I'll say it again.Jimmy was along for the ride on WIC so he could work with
Robert again....If Jimmy was so into the WIC sound why did he tour with the
Crowes and do Zep sets? Why were the Page/ Plant tours basically reworked
Zep songs? I don't believe for a second that Jimmy was into the WIC sound
and that is/was where his music was heading. WIC was a Plant creation plain
and simple and Jimmy would have put up with any bullshit for a chance to get
up on stage with Robert and play Led Zeppelin music

I don't hate WIC nor do I think it is a "turd" it just is not to my

and Coverdale/ Page is still the best Zep style work since
Presence....................so there I said it.............

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<< Peopul,
   puh lease !!!! Are you really serious about WIC being a great
 C'mon that was the start of their final sellout with R'nR slated to
 bemoan the praises of a fat assed cadillac. >>

You know after a while I get so sick of people confusing playing something 
different or new with "selling out". Get a clue folks, they've already done 
WLL and Black Dog and ALS, they came out in the 60's and 70's and you can 
find them on the LED ZEPPELIN albums. Page and Plant are NOT Led Zeppelin
to expect anything they put out to be an extension of that, picking up where

they left off, is just sad. If you don't like the songs, then let it be 
because you just don't like them on their own merit, not because they don't 
stand up to Zep songs. It just generally shows a lack of intelligence and 
sophistication to dismiss any musical effort because it doesn't 
"RAAAWWWKKKK!!!". Comments like this remind me of a jackass I met recently 
that according to him anything that wasn't Insane Clown Posse or Limp Bizkit

sucks. In his words "Grateful Dead? I'd never listen to that faggot

<<Are meaning to tell me that you were happy that Jimmy P. Once the
greatest producer alive would put out a UNFINISHED peice of turd such as
WIC?!?!?!?!  >>

And when have you done better? A petty justification, I know, but come on.
YOU really think that Jimmy would allow anything to be released that he 
wasn't pleased with? I'm not just a blind follower. I don't really care for 
Coverdale/Page and I only listen to the instrumentals on Outrider. Seems to 
me that there is a category of fans that says if it isn't as close to Zep as

you can get then it sucks. WIC is full of a lot of good guitar sounds and
the most part solid song construction. If there's a weakness it's that 
Roberts lyric writing is just plain boring now. No I don't need it to all be

vikings and sex but he's got this "EricClaptonTearsInHeaven" syndrome. If 
Robert really let loose and stopped this mature/middle eastern/more 
controlled voice that he uses now, he could clean out the old pipes and get 
some quality vocals. 

<< Oh and
their hit single Most High got what    .......... 1/2 our radio

Is this because the song wasn't any good or is it because mainstream rock 
stations play what sells? If you were in charge of programming would you
to play Disturbed, Limp Bizkit, or even the new Ozzy or would you play a
by two guys that the targeted audience doesn't know, doesn't care about, and

probably doesn't want to hear? 

<< I mean, bad mixxing, flubbed solos, nothing but a bunch of
stuff leaving you wanting for more..>>

Okay, here's your chance. I've bitched plenty now it's your turn. Anybody? 
What exactly is it that you want from these guys? Did Jimmy really flub the 
solos and just not fix them, or is that how he plays now? Bad mixing? Give
a break. There are a ton of Led Zeppelin songs that have terrible mixing and

horribly flubbed guitar solos. This isn't anything new. I'd be willing to
that if you hadn't heard all of Zep's songs and I tossed together a cd of 
some of their less than shining efforts and claimed it was Page and Plant 
that you'd say "see, they just can't get it done like they used to". 

WIC IS a GREAT album. In fact it's fucking fantastic. If I want something 
that rocks a little harder, Zep 2 works fine, or even Zooma. If I want 
something that is textured and moody and sounds a little more modern, WIC is



(Now when is Atlantic going to send me some free stickers or a mousepad for 
pushing their album?)