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Ramblin down the road

1. With all this record shop talk, while I always check out the Zeppelin
section, I always check out the Hot TUna selection too. Zeppelin is one
thing, but a decvent music store is judged decent to me by their selection
of Hot Tuna- a band witha  following but not a mainstream band. If the
store has a decent Hot Tuna selection then I remember that and do my
shopping with them.......

2. Scott mentioned former FBOer Kathy Zatarga- anyone been in touch with
her? How the hell is she? Another on the "whatever became of?" list....

3. I still love "Walking Into Clarksdale" and think it is a great
reflection of Jimmy and RObert at the mood and mindset and musical tastes
that they were going with at the time and I applaud their efforts and
still enjoy the album....

4. A couple of thoughts about the commericals- or a couple of old
observations. Two local commercials in southern Maine used Zep and RObert
Plant in an advertising campeign, once there was a commercial for a cruise
line that used the part from WLL immediately after the pshychedelic sexual
trippy part. However, they only used one of the stereo tracks to block out
the solo, it went like "DU...DU....." (words came up "Lowest Rates in
DU...DU... " and it continued and the comercial ended just as the drums
started to kick in. You could hear the lead guitar line bleed through in
the distant background. Another time the technoish section right before
the harmonica solo in "Tie Dye on the Highway" was put into a loop for a
Scarborough Downs commerical  4-5 years ago when Downs owner Joe Ricchi
was still alive. Of course he was a big sleazeball, he tried running for
governor and lost miserably, it might have been because of all the sexual
harrassment suits against him, or maybe it was the time when after a horse
race he left the announcing mike on and fired an emplyee and was heard by
all the horse betters telling the guy he was a fucking this and fucking
that, hell, he probably sounded more obnoxious then I did when I flipped
out a few weeks ago on FBO.....
were these uses legal and paid for properly? Probably not. The latter
commercial I only saw 2-3 times, the boat commercial only once one morning
while getting ready for school....never saw it again. So who knows....

5.JPJ- come on bro, play in Bangor, play at the Sea Dog.....that would be
cool.......come to Bangor

6. Bad Company's first album "Bad Company" which contained the song "Bad
COmpany" was the first Swan Song release.

7. Hey guess what!!!!!!!  Jimmy sighting! With Photos :)


 be sure to check out day two:


8. Worst email of the week- no this week it is not a post. I think some of
you may recall the story about the time I was on the air at WKIT and
decided to see what the email I just received in the stations mailbox was
WHILE on the air......and it went something like this "also going to be
answering a request by email to....letm me just open this thing up
here.....increase your penis size in 3 days....damn junk mail....

You see the increase your penis size, breast size, decrease the sizze of
your ass ermails constantly, but the one I just got takes the cake.

I copy and paste- "Click HERE if you are an adult who likes pictures of
humans having sex with animals"

I thought the world trade center disaster was bad, now I know the world is
going to hell

9. btw JPJ- did I tell you I wanted you to come to bangor Maine? Come on
bro.....we love ya here.....I've even played zooma songs on the

10. And finally- Zeppelin strikes the daily probae again.......no it is
not Osama Bin Zep'lin, this is something else....check it out.


until next time keep your fly zepped!