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WIC rose colored glasses

  puh lease !!!! Are you really serious about WIC being a great
C'mon that was the start of their final sellout with R'nR slated to
bemoan the praises of a fat assed cadillac.

All the reasons you mentioned so far as for the "greatness" of the album
are mere justifications of this side of the hate camps' ultimate
dismissal of said album.
Are meaning to tell me that you were happy that Jimmy P. Once the
greatest producer alive would put out a UNFINISHED peice of turd such as
WIC?!?!?!?!   I mean, bad mixxing, flubbed solos, nothing but a bunch of
stuff leaving you wanting for more.......I still am just as furious with
it as day 1 except for one saving grace...Shining in the Light. Oh and
their hit single Most High got what    .......... 1/2 our radio
play...oh yeah there was that tottaly  eff-femmy grammy for best HARD
rock performance...oh c'mon slay me.

And just what pray tell was /is their excuse for skipping out on the

OK Jones is practicing up his singng voice for upcoming tour...but the
others?!?!?!?!??!!!! Percy prick.