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Re: Gallows Pole

AylaKat@xxxxxxx Wrote :

> There was this thing I picked up in this used/abused record store...
> Oh, by the way, I went to the Led Zeppelin section first, like we all
> discussed, and this is how I found it...
> It was a Jim and Bob "Part 2 of a 2 part limited edition picture disc cd
> called Gallows Pole, and it has Gallows Pole, Four Sticks, and WIAWSNB on
> It's got a pic of them all chyllin with the middle eastern folk on a
> and Bob's barefoot (BLARGH) and they're all just chyllin.  And its got
> little paper CD inside that says "Part one of a two part limited edition
> picture disc cd set including gallows pole, city dont cry, & the rain song
> available now ppdd1... and i'm a bit curious because TRS is my favorite
> ever.
This is an import ( at least my copy of both is I have both part 1 and 2
plust the video of the whole show ) . It is from the MTV No Quarter
UNLEDDED. Part one is No Quarter and part two or disk 2 was Gallows Pole.
The video has these songs
1.   No Quarter
2..  Thank You
3.   What Is And What Should Never Be *
4.   The Battle Of Evermore
5.   Gallows Pole
6.   Nobody's Fault But Mine
7.   City Don't Cry *
8.   The Truth Explodes
9.   When The Levee Breaks *
10. Wonderful One
11. Since I've Been Loving You
12. The Rain Song *
13. That's The Way *
14. Four Sticks
15. Friends
16. Kashmir
* ones with the astisk are exclusive to the video

> In any case, if anyone can tell me just what this is, if its really
> or not, and how I can bag part one, can you drop me a message?

I am not sure on the speciality of it.
> Big Kat, she who is really beat and is sorry about writing poorly
> P.S. just to see what everyone was complaining about, I picked up Walking
> Into Clarksdale too.  Hell, it was only four bucks, why not?  And worst
> scenario, I sell it back.

If you have any more questions about this just email me ok