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Recent RP & JP Tree (Earl's Court, too)

Hey all,
Can someone provide me with some info on the recently treed Jimmy Page show 
(date, venue, band members, etc.). Also the same for the Black Velvet tree 
(minus the band members part). I would greatly appreciate it. What's up with 
the tape tree page, is Chris on vacation or something? 


Ps Does everyone's copy from the Earl's Court VHS tree have a buzzing static 
throughout Dazed and Confused and Stairway to Heaven on tape two? The buzzing 
is not on tape one which runs partly into Dazed. With the exception to that 
buzzing on my copy, I think we all should be very grateful that we all got to 
see what we saw and not gripe over the quality, which I think ranges from VG 
to EX-. If it comes along in better quality, hey, I'll get it, but if it 
doesn't, at least we got to see it at all. Were there too many commas in that 
sentence? I heard of an EC VCD Tree, is that one still brewing?