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Re: Sellouts, and Jonesy

> There's my question:  Why would Bob be OK with the use of Communication
> Breakdown in Toy Soldiers, but not with R&R in the Dazed and Confused movie?

It could well be because he had no writer's credit on CB. (Neither did Eddie
Cochran, but that's another story.) Also, the Dazed and Confused movie was
almost ten years ago; Small Soldiers was what, two years ago? Maybe RP's
changed his tune. Wouldn't be the first time. Or maybe he has no say.

> And another thing - is kibosh a verb?

If it wasn't before, it is now. :-) One normally says "to put the kibosh on,"
but hey, English is a very flexible language.

> So we'll have a shorter JPJ
> setlist, in larger venues (meaning I doubt I'll get as close to The Man as I
> did at Irving Plaza), and we'll be competing with fans of another band for
> tickets.  Ugh.

And tickets will probably be more expensive. If you have those beefs, just wait
till the spring, when he's due to tour solo.

I dig Crimso too, so I'm a contented camper. And I'd love to see JPJ get up and
jam with them.

The only downside to this double bill that I can see: Robert Fripp has a big
problem with tapers. That means venue security will be tighter, and it'll be
harder to tape Jonesy's set as a result.