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ARGH VH1 Classic/ Live Albums From Japan

I believe you have to have Digital Cable for
VH1 classic. Its only available on that service.

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>Subject: ARGH VH1 Classic/ Live Albums From Japan
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>What's the deal? I have Direct TV and have been waiting forever for them to 
>come to their senses and add VH1 Classic. Just recently we got bullshit 
>channels added like the Hallmark Movie Channel or whatever the hell it is.
>today I discover that VH1 Classic has been added. Oh happy day. So I turn it 
>over and big joke on old Sammy, I don't get that channel. WTF! I get Much 
>Music which is crap. I get MTV which has absolutely nothing to do with
>MTV2 which just shows the crap MTV used to show. CMT, yeah nothing but crap. 
>Thirtysome digital music channels, most of which although with different 
>names just play pop, top 40, but the classic rock station does play a lot of 
>varied good stuff. To top it off, I get VH1 which is the best of the
bunch. I 
>get VH1 but not VH1 Classic? No Zep content here except what I'm probably 
>missing on my lovely blacked out channel. Anybody on the list work for
>TV that can explain this nonsense?
>The point I was originally going to write about was live albums from Japan. 
>Why does it seem like most of the live albums released, especially by
>rock bands, are always from Japan. I can't think of any legitimate live disc 
>in my collection that wasn't recorded in Japan. I know there must be plenty, 
>but all the ones that come to mind are that way except for Monterey, 
>Woodstock, and maybe Live At Leeds.
>I want my VH1 Classic dammit.