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Re: The Physical Graffiti Building, at last!

>From: AylaKat@xxxxxxx
>Subject: The Physical Graffiti Building, at last!
>Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 00:55:34 EDT
>In any case, I went to see the PG building.  Finally.
>It was a huge part of an amazing weekend... when I get my pictures 
>and scanned, I'll let you all know, maybe you'll enjoy seeing it.
>And by the way... someone else was there, he stopped in front of the 
>and looked, and saw me with the record and was like "You have the record 
>everything..."  I wonder if that person is on the list?

There must have been something in the air over the East Village on  Saturday 
night.  Completely coincidentally, a friend of mine was celebrating his 
birthday at a bar about two blocks away from "the building."  The recent FBO 
discussions about this topic had the place on my mind and I brought it up at 
one point during the evening.  Naturally, I got the standard "who cares" and 
"do you have to say something about that band every time we get together" 
reactions from most of the group.  However, a couple of people were into it 
and wanted to check it out for themselves.

I've been by that building many times in the past and only rarely have I 
seen anybody else checking it out.  However, when I brought the select 
members of the group to see it on Saturday night, there was a group of about 
six guys pointing at it and taking pictures.

The people in my little "tour group" simply took a quick look, made the 
appropriate "cool" comments, and quickly returned to the bar.

A couple of hours later, around 2:00 am, we were heading to another bar and 
had to pass the PG building to get there.  Once again, there were a few guys 
checking the place out and muttering "could this really be it?"

For whatever reason, the good old PG building had an unusually high number 
of visitors (in my opinion) on Saturday night ... maybe Kat started 
something big ...