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old chessnut

Im new to this list so please excuse me if this topic comes up every few 
weeks but what are peoples views/hopes for an offical live album. What 
started me thinking about it was the resent realse of a live recording of 
every pearl jam show from there last tour(not that im a fan). this for me 
shows that record companies are willing to realse CD's that might not sell 
in massive numbers in order to sell more to certain people. I could see one 
of the following two offical realses taking place.

1.Some kind of box set with somthing like 4 to 6 CD's worth of material 
along with possable an offical version of dave lewis's concert file (minus 
the bootleg section). This set would aim to have at least 1 version of most 
tracks that zeppelin played live.

2.releases of individle concerts. This would depend a great deal on whats in 
the vaults iv not heard any info on how many of the pre us 73 shows were 
recorded. Maybe this could take the form of a larger box set with a show 
from each year or maybe each tour/large change in set list. or maybe 
somthing in the form of deep purples 3cd live in japan realse.

Myself id love to see the 2nd option I feel that most of the best live 
moments are in certain songs (WLOL ,HMHT and As long as I have you medleys, 
75 and 77 no quarters and dazed from pretty much any era). Does anyone else 
have any views on this? What form they would like the realse to take, any 
shows they would like to see included or just certain performances of 
certain tracks. Myself id like to see 3-4 medleys realsed along with a dazed 
and confused from euro 73 and a    no quarter from the end of the 75 us 

ps. On another note does nayone have any info about the cobra realse of 
"wrench in the works" 2cd. So far the only aud release I have from euro 73 
is "Its not warm its hot" 3cd by tdolz how does the cobra realse from vienna