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Good Trader Alert

I haven't been on the list that long, so this guy's name might be 
well-known to all of you except me, but I thought I'd give him some of 
the recognition he deserves...

Keith Bennick (ruaturtle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) offered up various Zep shows 
and rehearsals a few weeks ago for trade or B&P.  I emailed him and told 
him my status as a burnerless newbie, and he emailed me back and told me 
that he had a bunch of discs still available for B&P as well as Pontiac, 
MI '77.  I told him that there would be a delay in getting the blanks to 
him, but I'd have them to him by the end of the week. 

Well, to make a long story short, I'm a college student and I don't 
manage my money wisely.  I spend a lot on music and I spent even more on 
Ebay and places like that before finding this list.  I didn't get to the 
post office by the end of the week, but on that Friday, I received 13 
discs worth of rehearsals and shows from Keith.  I had sent him nothing 
so far and he had no assurance that I was not simply going to rip him 
off.  I felt really bad (well, really good about getting all those 
discs, but bad) because the discs were all high quality Kodak Gold and 
such.  All I had to send him were Fujifilm discs.  I live in an area 
where all I can seem to find are cheap CDR's - no Mitsui or Kodak or TDK 
to be found.  All Verbatim, Memorex, Fuji, etc.  So I didn't feel that 
this was in any sense a fair trade.  I emailed Keith and told him about 
the situation.  I told him that I would send him money and discs and 
also offered the few shows I have as well as Pearl Jam.  I don't have a 
burner, but I'd send them to him and let him burn them.

However, Keith told me not to worry about it and just to send the Fujis, 
not to spend any more money than was necessary.  I finally got to the 
post office that Monday or Tuesday and sent Keith a few extra discs.  I 
still feel bad, but I'm very thankful to Keith, who sent all those CDR's 
without ever having dealt with me before. 

This is just sort of a public thank you and I'm sorry that I've taken up 
so much space.  There are a few good guys out there that won't rip 
people off - it's good to know. 




"That's some catch, that Catch-22."
- -Yossarian