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Re: Italian Zep Fans

Ok...it's late and my better half crawled off to bed about 3 hours 
ago. I have an incredible backlog of shows to catch up on (could 
there be any better problem?), so I am now in the encore section of 
"Knebworth: First Day," 8/4/79 from Led Note label.

I don't know about everyone else, but I've got a soft-spot for the 
"Dinosaur era," and hold Knebworth up there rather high. There's a 
lot to be said for the energy and feedback in these 2 shows. I also 
picked up Empress Valley's Complete Copenhagen '79 (5cd) Set 
recently. Again...the latter years had their power and "presence" for 

I have 2 of the three original silver "Final Cut" releases from 
Celebration, and would be glad to offer one up for seeding on a 
"Final Cut" Tree. They are all the same source and only vary in 


I think "The Final Cut" deserves good circulation.

Jeff Roy

On 13 Oct 2001, at 2:05, AylaKat@xxxxxxx wrote:

> My friend Vinnie (not Italian) and me (Italian) were walking down the
> street earlier, and he coined a term for Italian Zep fans... Zeppolis!
> I'm not sure if ya'll are into the tasty pastry but I thought it was
> pretty funny.  
> Aha!  I am a Zeppoli!  Anyone else a Zeppoli?
> Kat