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Zep sell out

I can dig the notion that maybe some kids who have never heard Rock and Roll 
before see the Cadillac commercial and are so blown away that they must rush 
out to buy the untitled fourth album.  But I have to admit, I always felt 
this sort of, I dunno, pride in our boys for not selling out every time I 
heard yet another Stones, Who or Jimi tune hawking consumables.  Oh well.

I never understood the rationale behind Communication Breakdown appearing in 
that dopey Toy Soldier movie.  So the producer is a Zep fan?  What, the guys 
who filmed Dazed and Confused weren't?  There's got to be more to the story.

I always look at the Zeppelin, Page and Plant bins in any record store I go 
to, even WalMart.  I can't help it.  Force of habit, although it's 
interesting to see how well-stocked a supply they have, and I did find a 
couple of oddities over time (like this import Influences of Led Zeppelin 
which is excellent).

Went to Home Depot for some drain cleaner a while ago.  They had several 
brands, but the choice was easy once I spied ZEP brand.