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Fw: location of town on the back cover of IV

I'd also thought I had read that the exact location had some buildings or
apartments or something built on it after the photo shoot.

- -Jeff
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> At 01:31 PM 10/10/01 +0000, Matt Wooz wrote:
> >1) Does anybody know where the village is which is on the back of the IV
> >album cover. Yesterday was the first time I had really looked properly at
> >the back.
> Hi Badgeholders,
> According to a published interview the location was not a village but a
> down half-deserted area on the west end of London. The painting on
> devastated wall(front cover of IV) was found by Robert and Jimmy in a
> second hand shop.  The face of another mystical mentor Jimmy was
> in named Corkindale was photographically superimposed over the original
> figure.
> Shar